Psychic Growth & Divination WORKSHOP with MOON LAVENDER

Psychic Growth & Divination 

Developing your psychic abilities and trusting your intuition are the first steps to building a relationship with your Higher Self.Through divination we expand  these abilities and create a clear channel for spiritual work. This course will give you the tools to tap into your potent inner potential!

Please bring something comfortable to sit on and a notebook. As well as any questions you may have regarding the topic. These will be answered at the end of class. 1 1/2 hour course 

Energy Exchange: $25

Please call ahead. Space is limited.

Moon Lavender is a psychic intuitive, soul coach, and metaphysics instructor. Her background includes twenty years of metaphysical studies, energy healing and working with crystals.

She is a graduate of the Hawaii Yoga Institute and is a Certified Crystal Healer through Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy.

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