Alignment Candles


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Alignment Candles by LUX+ALDER & Tittahbyte 

Hold space and get aligned with ROOTED & BRAVURA candles.  Let's get ready to manifest new wishes and desires. Locally made and charged with reiki and infused with candle magick! 

Rooted Alignment Candle

Rooted is for balancing, grounding, and reconnecting yourself with spiritual origins and the earth.

Rhizome energy to stimulate the root and heart chakras while inspiring a mysteriously clean, forest-like atmosphere for ritual. Ground through the herbaceous, linalool qualities of Black Tea. Uplift your spirits with a spicy, sweet, and sensual top note of Red Ginger.

Bravura Alignment Candle

Bravura for empowerment, stamina, confidence, and connecting with your boldest self.

Fiery scents to stimulate the lower chakras—root, sacral, and solar plexus. This candle gives rise to a smokey, contemplative atmosphere for ritual. Grounding undertones of musk and moss are balanced by the refreshing and honeyed scent of sweet orange chili pepper. 

6 oz.  Metal Tin

16 oz. Amber Glass 

Made in Hawaii