Lit Ritual Altar Candles


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LIT RITUAL Altar Candles 

$12 - $18 

- MEADOW MAIDEN are scented with essential oils to takes you back to the smell of being outside on a rainy Spring day. Topped with a fennel flower, these candles will assist you in honoring the land, forest, trees, meadows and MOTHER EARTH. Sweet grass and Eucalyptus. 

- APHRODITE stunning rose colored candles adorned with dried roses and has a soft warm scent of Anise and Vanilla. Anise was known as an aphrodisiac in Ancient Egypt. Perfect for creating a warm, cozy and romantic air of comfort to any space. 

- DUSK are dyed with Indigo and topped with himalayan salt. These unscented candles are perfect for when you need a dose of purifying energy in your home. 

- SACRED SPACE created for your rituals and perfect for when you need some relaxation during meditation. Lavender essential oils release a calming scent. 

-SUN RAY - Sun is the center of life on Earth. Strive to capture the feeling of being under the warm sun and promotes uplifting feelings. Vanilla and Orange scent. 

100% bee wax and natural dyes. 

Comes in a bundle of 2

Please remove adornment before burning