Aloha Elixir JOURNEY Candle

$22. Introducing the very first Ginger13 collaboration to honor this milestone of 5 years of laughter, love, and light. I am humbled to have had so many talented artisans to work with over these years. In this incredible journey, I have personally taken moments to refocus, set my intentions, and align on my spiritual path. So to help you on your own unique journeys, I had the privilege to work with Keoki, the creator of Aloha Elixirs. Together, we intuitively created JOURNEY. In this manifestation candle, I channeled my inner intuition to help guide you on your life’s journey. It also has a unique scent that embodies the energy of Ginger13. I hope that you can use this candle to set your intentions and visualize your life’s purpose, where you want to be physically and spiritually, and whom you want to create memories with in this lifetime.

Made in Hawaii. 

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