Rituals Incense - Copal Blanco Resin


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Copal Blanco resin pack by RITUALS INCENSE 

18 grams of Copal Blanco + 3 quick lighting charcoal disc 

Copal is considered sacred throughout Mexico and Central American. It has been used in ceremonies for purification and as medicine for centuries. This raw and unprocessed Copal resin has been harvested from trees in Oaxaca, Mexico. 

Burn a small amount to experience the uplifting clean sharp scent of citrus and pine. 

To use: Place a quick lighting disc on a heat resistant surface or a bed of sand. Ignite the disc and allow it to spark and burn for a few minutes. Place a small amount of Copal resin in the center of the disc and enjoy. 

Each tablet can last about 40-60 minutes. 

Biodegradable bag 

Made in Tucson, AZ