Sonora Jasper

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$82- $88. 

Sonora Sunset Jasper is the marrying of Chrysocolla and Cuprite and combine the healing properties of both stones // Named after the colorful sunsets over it's origin in the Sonoran Desert //  Chrysocolla provides feelings of peace, calmness, tranquility, hope, unconditional love, gentleness and sensivity // Cuprite eases anxiety and helps in dealing with female relationships including mother, sister, wife, and friends // Brings positivity in your life // Self confidence // Self worth // Combined enhances your creativity to solving life problems and give you strength to face challenges in negative situations 

Sonora Jasper accented with Ammonite, pyrite, red jasper, chrysocolla, sunstone and turquoise. Gold filled. About 2 1.2 inches. 

1. $88. Sonora Jasper and Ammonite 

2. $88 Sonora Jasper and Ammonite 

3. $82 Sonora Jasper 

4. $82 Sonora Jasper 

Made in Hawaii 

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