The Haole Indian- Rose Quartz & Agate (large)


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ROSE QUARTZ- Carries the energies of Love, Compassion, Peace and Healing // Attracts both romantic love and unconditional self-love into your life // 

WHITE AGATE- Harmony // Endows a Sense of Security // Clears mind // Enlightenment // 

The Artist, Laney was born and raised in India to Canadian and American missionaries. She moved to the States in her early teens and settled in Hawaii in 2004.  She discovered her love and talent for art, painting, and hand making malas. Driven by the desire to share the beauty in the world, may her malas carved out a piece of time in your practice... to take 108 moments just for you. The vibrations of the crystals will benefit an array of your life's manifestations and connect you to the power of your still mind, body and soul. 

 The Haole Indian malas are hand strung, hand knotted and made from top quality crystals and silks. 8mm beads. 

Made in Hawaii