Tiny Ritual Candle


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Tiny Ritual Candle

eeswax ritual candles have been created to support your own at home rituals in self-care, intention setting, and meditation.  At the bottom of every candle lies a crystal which has been imbued with your intention.  

Inside the label are directions to create your ritual with a suggested day of the week to burn, and an original affirmation.

Light your candle and ignite your inner magic! 

PROTECTION for setting boundaries and guarding against negative energy 

SACRED SPACE useful when wanting to create serenity for meditation, quiet personal time, and invoke a positive, sacred energy into your home.

ABUNDANCE used for creating abundance in prosperity. Helpful when needing to generate income, grow a career, attract a job and build finance. 

STRENGTH is for intention setting around building inner power, strength, courage and vitality. Helpful when needing to move through obstacles, to stand in your power, and to fearlessly show who you are.

LOVE is for intention setting around attracting and inviting in love. Attract a partner, cultivate love within an existing relationship, invite more love and empathy into your heart, and fill your home with loving energy.

HEALING used for intention setting around restoring physical, emotional and spiritual health. Useful when needing to reset the body, heal a situation, and invite loving-healing in on all levels. 

HEALING restoring physical, mental and spiritual Healy and well being 

Beeswax, non-toxic dyes, cotton wick, crystal quartz.