Cindy Yokoyama founded Ginger13 in the summer of 2004 with the philosophy of creating beautiful, memorable and unique jewelry pieces.  The belief in the motto that “accessories complete the look” drives Cindy’s enthusiasm for creating fresh and imaginative handmade jewelry.
Cindy took a strong interest in Abstract Painting and Abstract Expressionism while majoring in Fine Arts at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.  Her ability to extract the beauty and intrigue from the obscure, and to recognize the extraordinary aspects of the ordinary, led to her additional fascinations with painting, photography, music, cooking, travel, and nature.  In 2010, her hobby-turned-career pursuits took her to New York where she studied metal work and design. It is in that interplay between symmetry and chaos, order and the unexpected, city life and nature, that is perhaps the most energizing and exciting for Cindy and what propelled her vision while designing her signature one of a kind pieces. That interest in asymmetrical design, blended with her skill for mixing media, colors and textures has allowed her to delve into unexpected themes and ideas in jewelry design to create the signature style of Ginger13.  
Cindy is a keen observer of the beauty that surrounds us and effortlessly incorporates touches of her love of the islands in her jewelry pieces.  With Hawaiʻi as her muse, Cindy uses the lush greens of the mountains and valleys, the cerulean and azure hues found in the skies and seas, the shells of our fruits, and the myriad colors of the rainbow in designing, creating and handcrafting each jewelry piece in her studio in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi.
Along with her jewelry pieces, the name Ginger13 is quite unique.  Named after her beloved pet dog and her father’s lucky number, Cindy says “it just fit!”  
With Ginger13, Cindy has been able to take her love and luck and skillfully weave artistry and emotion throughout her designs.  According to Cindy, “I love jewelry not only because it can truly change a look, but also because it’s individual, personal, and sentimental.”  Her creative flair and stylistic approach allows Cindy to constantly create whimsical and unexpected pieces that evoke a truly unique and personal experience.  
22 S. Pauahi St.
Honolulu, HI 96813