Fossilized Coral 6


Signature mismatch FOSSILIZED CORAL earrings accented with citrine, agate, shell, lemon quartz, jasper, and moonstone . About 2 inches long. Gold filled. One of a kind.

FOSSILIZED CORAL is a natural gemstone formed by prehistoric coral.  During its formation the coral remains and replaced with agate, chalcedony or quartz, now known as "Agatized Coral'.  The ancient remains of the coral are hardened with deposits from silica rich waters. A process that can take over 20 million years! Not to be mistaken for endangered or protected reef coral.

FOSSILIZED CORAL is a grounding stone for bringing about change // Gives you the power to open up about your future without hesitation // Helpful for promoting inner peace // Prevents disruptive thoughts // Protection stone for travel on or near water //  Holds Wisdom of Success for a prosperous future //  Abundant Love 

Made in Hawaii 

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