Signature Mismatch LABRADORITE pendants on gold filled chain. 18inch and 20 inch. 

LABRADORITE is a mystic stone of transformation and magic // Allows one's magical powers to surface // Useful companion during times of change // Helps purify your energy and connects you to power of light // Stimulates your consciousness and strengthens your intuition // Shields and protects your Aura // Brings you closer to discovering your dreams and uncovering your destiny // Removes fear so you can share and reveal your personal truth // Strength // Perseverance // 

no1. $65. Triangle. 18 inch gold filled chain with labradorite beauty mark. 

no2. $50. Small Teardrop. 18 inch gold filled chain with labradorite beauty mark.

no3. $70. Long Teardrop. 18 inch gold filled chain with labradorite beauty mark. 

no4. $90. Large Diamond. 20 inch gold filled chain. Labradorite beauty marks.

no5. $65. Wing. 18 inch gold filled chain. Labradorite beauty mark.

no6. $65. Triangle. 18 inch beaded gold filled chain. 

no7. $90. Large Diamond. 20 inch gold filled chain. Labradorite beauty marks.

no8. $70. Surf. 18 inch gold filled chain. 

no9. $65. Diamond. 18 inch beaded gold filled chain. 

no10. $50 Small Teardrop. 18 inch gold filled chain with labradorite beauty mark. 

Made in Hawaii 

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